Every four years The Ball starts in Battersea Park in London, where the first ever official football match with modern rules took place. The Ball’s destination is the country that hosts the current FIFA World Cup.

“One Ball, One World” is our motto. It emphasizes the unique power of a ball, which, spherical like the earth, brings people together and inspires them. A common spoken language itself doesn’t matter because with a ball at your feet language is not necessary for interaction. We truly believe that football is a universal language.

During our journeys through more than 50 countries all over the world – visiting famous footballers and their clubs, political and social leaders, schools, foundations and NGOs – the idea of “One Ball, One World” is translated into the languages people use in the places we visit. Everybody regardless of race, gender, class, sexual orientation of intellectually capacity can participate in our activities and sign their name on The Ball.

In the end, the “Spirit of The Ball” – a fair and respectful way of dealing with our fellow human beings and an understanding of the diverse cultures of this world – is passed on to everyone who comes across The Ball. We then integrate experiences from The Ball’s journeys into our educational projects and TOTs for children, youths and adults alike.

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Collaboration with project partners ensures that The Ball reaches sustainable goals outside the borders of Germany. Those who understand and concur with the values of The Ball, after heading it, can join thousands of others and sign their names on it.

A big THANK YOU to all of our partners who supported The Ball in 2018:

Source: https://spirit-of-football.de/en/theball/