Our Team is a colorful mix of wonderful people. Some of us are crazy about football; some of us, surprisingly, are not interested in football at all. Without our people there would be no Spirit of Football and the Spirit wouldn’t be getting spread out into communities across the world.  So, a big “la-ola-wave” for our Spirit-of-Team!


ABOUDI – Integration Manager, Trainer:
In a new, unknown community, you often don’t feel welcomed in the beginning. It was different with Spirit of Football. Here I felt immediately welcome within the team.  They made me feel that I was valuable and a real part of the Spirit community.


ANDREW – Founder, President, Project Manager, and Trainer:
During my studies in Erfurt, I founded Spirit of Football with the intention to use “football” as a communicator for values like FairPlay, Teamwork and respect. I truly believe that my work and energy is a source of positive change. My goal is to help make our communities become open-minded, team-orientated and more respectful.


ANNE – Project Manager, board member:
I like to describe my work at Spirit of Football as “pulling strings behind the scenes”. That means I’m mainly responsible for administrative, office and project work. I like my work because I enjoy making something happen that positively impacts children’s and adult’s lives.


ANNICA – School project coordinator, trainer:
I love my work at Spirit of Football. When you work for “Spirit” you not only help create positive change with the kids but also within yourself. I’m grateful to be a part of this amazing community.


BENNI – Trainer:
I originally come from the Palatinate in the South of Germany and for 25 years I have virtually been married with football. In 2015 the University of Erfurt Seminar “Fundamental Studies” introduced me to Spirit of Football and since then I am part of the organization as a trainer. Here, I found the ideal mixture of the love of sports connected with the urge to do something for good.


BENNY – Trainer:
Because of my experience at Spirit of Football, I have been able to discover the positive sides of my favorite sport. From respectful behavior towards opponents, to vouching for each other and sharing successful experiences – this is the daily camaraderie at Spirit at Football. In my four years of being at Spirit of Football the work has become a labor of love, which I want to in turn to pass on to others.


FABIAN – Trainer:
As a Yoga instructor, a fair, open, tolerant, and peaceful bond is something I always desire. This is what I have found at Spirit of Football. I felt at home from the beginning with the culture and the philosophy. Since then I’ve been a go-to trainer for relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation, as a creative all-rounder as well as for global learning.


GHOZI – Trainer:
I come from Indonesia. My full name is Ghazian Kalinggamurdaning and it means “a hero who was born with a pure soul”. It is important to me to inspire people, especially children, to see how wonderful our world can look like. Thanks to Spirit of Football I can spread this message of how FairPlay can positively affect your own spirit and your daily life to others.


NICOLA – Trainer:
In October 2015 I got to know Spirit by coincidence and since then I have been a big fan. Besides the workshops in schools in and around Erfurt, I participated in a large project that took place in Jordan. This project changed my life. Even though I don’t live in Erfurt anymore, I still try to participate in as many projects as possible because working for Spirit is inspiring and the team has a special place in my heart.


RIA – Project Leader in the project “Together Job Fit”:
I started four years ago at Spirit in the project “Spirit of Welcome”: The nice atmosphere and many experiences with people from diverse cultures, which come together in Erfurt, motivated me to continue to contribute to Spirit of Football. I’m responsible for leading the project “Together, Job Fit”, which helps migrants find a job, further their education or helps them in other areas.


SVEN S. – CEO, Treasurer, and Trainer:
Every time I travel to unknown countries, I want to visit football stadiums. Because stadiums are locations of the local, social community and you can get to know the “locals” and their culture when watching a football game together. I want to impart world open-mindedness, solidarity and dialogue between people in a school workshop, in a stadium, in a refugee camp or at a press conference.


SVEN M. – Street Art Trainer:
I’m an artist, social worker, networker and scientist. Since I fell in love with Spirit of Football in 2017, I have participated in art workshops and I’ve been a team member in different school workshops in different countries with topics like teambuilding and the values of living together in a society.


ULRIKE – Project Manager, Board Member:
I like to work with inspirational, creative people on society-related goals in order to make a positive contribution to the community. Where else can I do this but at Spirit of Football? I’m not the biggest football fan but I support team work and visionary, sustainable ideas. At Spirit of Football I’m responsible for writing proposals and monitoring projects and budgets.

Source: https://spirit-of-football.de/en/our-team/