1 Kommentar schreiben zu Absatz 1 0 Day two of a project week is usually much better than day one. It was today. On day one, we got very philosophical. Spirit of Football people love to do this and so too do our Syrian refugee friends. This philosophy will be carried by our participants to every corner of the camp by way of a powerful and emotional symbol of human connectivity. The Ball of Peace.

2 Kommentar schreiben zu Absatz 2 0 “The Ball of Peace” is a very historic Spirit of Football treasure. It is a replica of The Ball 2010: A fair produced African ball from the Sport for Development NGO Alive and Kicking in Nairobi, Kenya. The Ball, signed by German Football Legends Franz Beckenbauer and Spirit of Football’s Ambassador Clemens Fritz, will make its way through the Azraq camp in 2019 passing along fair play community messages and the underlying philosophy.

3 Kommentar schreiben zu Absatz 3 0 Day two began by playing the game “Fruit Salad”. We were pleasantly surprised to see the new and quite shy female participants join in full heartedly. Thereafter we wanted to show the participants what we had in mind for the rest of the week. Namely, that we wanted to take the SoF rules that they had transferred into everyday life (below) and rework them through a collaborative art process called “Spirit of Whispers”.

4 Kommentar schreiben zu Absatz 4 0 We transferred the six SOF FairPlay rules into every day language as follows:

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  2. Respect
  3. Caring
  4. Engagement for Unity
  5. Honest with yourself
  6. Forgiveness
  7. Share happiness

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7 Kommentar schreiben zu Absatz 7 0 This philosophy was deepened through art collaboration in three groups. The results provide the basis for a community graffiti mural, which will be developed and finished in the next three days. While the mural idea started to take place under the leadership of SoF’s graffiti guru Dr. Sven Messerschmidt, Benni Grünewald was attending the start of the Azraq NGO football cup and Andrew and Ulrike were meeting with UNHCR and CARE Int. representatives to plan the expansion of the project in 2019. It was a beautiful and powerful team-building day.

8 Kommentar schreiben zu Absatz 8 0 One new participant had this to say:

9 Kommentar schreiben zu Absatz 9 0 I’ve lived in this camp for three years. This workshop has given me the feeling that my voice and my opinions are relevant and are being listened to. My horizon has been expanded and I have learned so much about myself. Thank you.

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11 Kommentar schreiben zu Absatz 11 0 Hamsa from UNHCR had words of encouragement for us:

12 Kommentar schreiben zu Absatz 12 0 It is great to see that your project is going to continue. We have seen how you have been fighting for this. Congratulations. We will support you as much as we can. We have witnessed what this project has reached. You have made a difference in the camp and the lives of the participants. I can see that you have become Friends.

13 Kommentar schreiben zu Absatz 13 0 We think that too and together friends can make positive changes. That is what we are aiming to do in Azraq and wherever we are active. One Ball, One World.  

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